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Switch to Great Technology ERP Support Services for unmatched reliability

Modern ERP systems are built on towering walls of code. Bugs, errors, and issues are a frequent phenomenon with them. Cloudos, with its deep understanding of open source ERP systems, is in a unique position to offer ERP expert support services to you.

Great Technology ERP experts bring laser focus to every ERP issue resolution for your organization. By leveraging their extensive knowledge and unparalleled skills, they resolve your ERP issues on priority, so that your projects do not suffer any delays. Great Technology ERP Support is your partner in success.

We Make Your ERP a Highly Productive Asset for Your Organization

By combining our decades of experience and a strong understanding of the needs of modern organizations, we have created a three-pronged ERP support strategy for businesses – Support, Maintain, and Progress.

Why Take Our Services


Great Technology ERP Support, in addition to providing technical support and resolution of issues, offers staff training services that equip your workforce with the right set of skills they need to fully utilize all that your organization’s ERP system has to offer.


Our ERP maintenance services ensure that your ERP system is regularly backed up, maintained, and optimized for high performance. We also conduct regular data cleansing that preserves the integrity of your ERP data.


Transitioning from legacy applications to cutting-edge ERP solutions is just the first step of the progress path that we guide businesses through. Our ERP support services include introduction of new features, installation of latest updates, improving the performance of the ERP system, optimizing its resource utilization, increasing its flexibility, and bringing cost savings for the businesses.

Components of Great Technology ERP Support Packages

An end-to-end support program for businesses to leverage the complete potential of their ERP.

  • Configuration support

  • Technical support

  • Functional support

  • GAP Analysis

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Configuration support

Quick Access to Reliable and Qualified ERP Support

Great Technology ERP support is available to assist you on multiple convenient channels

  • Telephone

  • Skype

  • Ticketing System

  • Email

  • When remote assistance is not effective, Great Technology offers onsite ERP support services for the businesses.


Why should I go for Cloudos ERP Support?

Every enterprise needs someone to look after their smooth functioning of business processes and that’s where Cloudos support comes in. Our expert team will provide numerous supports like configuration, Technical, Functional support, GAP Analysis & Scheduled Maintenance.

What is the timeline and cost for Cloudos ERP Support?

The timeline and cost for Cloudos ERP support depend on the support package you choose and the channel of support.

What kind of packages are available for Cloudos ERP Support?

Here is the list of support package available for Cloudos support:

  1. Configuration support

  2. Technical support

  3. Functional support

  4. GAP Analysis

  5. Scheduled Maintenance

Via which channels Cloudos ERP support will be provided?

We provide support via below channels:

  1. Ticketing System

  2. Email

  3. Telephone

  4. Skype